Skiathos Castle
The castle was built on a giant rock in the 14th century, around 1360, and it is located in the north side of the island, about 15 km. away from the town of Skiathos.
Because of piracy, the people of Skiathos left the Byzantine township, which was in the place that the town of Skiathos is today and built the medieval village of Kastro, at the northern end of the island. As the fortress was inaccessible from the sea and the entrance was only possible with mobile wooden bridge, ensure residents protection.

The house of Alexandros Papadiamantis
Alexandros Papadiamantis is a great novelist who was born in Skiathos on March 4 1851 and died on 2 January 1911.
In his first steps as a simple translator he worked in newspapers and magazines. He also began to write short stories that made him famous. At the same time published novels like "The Immigrant," "The Merchants of Nations" and "The Gypsy Girl".
Aleandros Papadiamantis is the glory and pride of Skiathos island. His house is on the main street near the port, while his bust is in front of the Bourtzi entrance stating his philosophical epigram.

Bourtzi is a small peninsula, which separates in two the port of Skiathos and in the past, was a fortress. The fort was established by the Gizi brothers who conquered Skiathos in 1207. It was fortified with battlements and turrets and on the right and left of the gate there were two round towers. The height of the wall, however, it is impossible to determine from the ruins.