There are daily boat trips, starting from the old port of Skiathos to several destinations such us:

Tsougrias: the beautiful island opposite of the harbor of Skiathos, full of pine trees and beautiful beaches and is only three miles away from Skiathos.

Lalaria & Castle: Lalaria is a cost where you can see the perforated stone and the silver rocks and you can enjoy the turquoise clear waters. Further down stands the castle, the medieval town that has been built on a rock.

The round of the island: If you do the round of the island from the sea you can find plenty of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the blue crystal waters and the striking landscape of Skiathos nature.

Skopelos, Alonissos & Marine Park: You can visit the other two beautiful islands of the group North Sporades. Skopelos is an island surrounded by pine trees and blue waters. The city is amphitheatrical with traditional streets. Alonissos is an equally beautiful island with special physical, morphological and geographical features and where you can visit the Marine Park that located close to the town of Alonissos.